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How To Make Condensed Milk Toffe

How To Make Condensed Milk Toffe


Condensed milk toffee
is a popular street food in Ghana and other part of west Africa which is very easy to make.Condensed milk toffee is a delicious snack in Ghana.

Ingredients for making condensed milk toffee

Condensed milk

Teaspoons vegetable oil

Teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)

Method for making condensed milk toffee
On medium heat, add the condensed milk and 2 teaspoons of oil. The reason for the oil is to prevent the toffee from sticking as it cooks.

Stir continuously as it cooks. The condensed milk will start to bubble and then start to thicken. When this happens, stir vigorously and continuously.

As you continue to cook and stir the condensed milk, the colour will progressively change into a golden brown.

Turn the heat off and transfer the toffee onto a lightly oiled surface. Let it cool a bit. Do not let it cool completely or it will be too hard to mold.

Roll and cut the toffee into any shape you prefer while it’s still warm.

Store in an airtight glass container.

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